Memories from the rainbow nation

Friday, 31 August 2012

How could I know what awaited for me when I learnt that I would spent a semester in South Africa?

As a good friend wisely said once, I went from hell and back and beyond. I travelled to Zimbabwe with four other wonderful researchers, I produced a short film with the most wonderful team mates one can wish, I spent one week with picteists in the Drakensberg, one of the most special places I have had the chance to see. I met wonderful souls, and fostered friendship bonds I know will be carried for life. It was a journey to a part of the world previously unknown to me, but perhaps more importantly, it was also a journey into myself.

I finish these notes with the sweet memory of that sunset by the Great Zimbabwe ruins. I can nearly hear that melody again if I close my eyes.

Local music and dance, Great Zimbabwe ruins, March 2012


fiquei emocionada
quando a gente se encontrar eu preciso de pelos menos umas 60 horas só ouvindo todas as histórias dos últimos 10 anos
to morrendo de saudade

Jana! A saudade é recíproca! 120h então, para eu também inteirar-me das suas!

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