Revisiting Poland

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I am sitting in a comfortable train (the Finnish trains are REALLY so nice – I must be getting spoiled!) on my way from Lappeenranta to Helsinki as I write this post. Tonight I am flying to Kraków and I have millions of butterflies in my stomach since I woke up this morning.

This time I visit Poland for a different reason – I am attending the 7th Economic Forum for Young Leaders in Nowy Sącz (I hope to write more about that in the next few days!). When I left Poland in 2009 I could not imagine that a few years later I will be turning back to this country on my own will. The months I spend in Łomża were not as sweet as they seem now and by the time I was leaving that place I would hate everything Polish! I must have repeated several times I would never visit Poland again. But life is full of surprises, and I have been lucky enough to get this chance to attend a very interesting Forum, meet new, smart people from all over, and see a different part of Poland (the most beautiful, as I have been told).

As for the butterflies, I am taking them with me in every trip – it is always so exciting! Even when the trains waiting for me as not as nice as the Finnish ones...

Do widzenia!

A visit to Sejm, the Polish Parliament, August 2009.