About the little prince and other favourites

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Little Prince is one of my favourite books of all times. You would probably think that this is just ok, there is nothing so amazing in such a statement, and that I could have been a bit more creative at least for the first post of this new blog. This is partly true, the prince is indeed so special that it seems natural that the book is many people's favourite, too.

I have also my favourite quote in the book, which I often think it was made just for me. This may be somewhat pretentious, but isn't it just how it is when we have a favourite song, a poem, a book, a painting? Some artists have this talent of translating into words, shapes, forms things that we feel and not always know how to externalise. My first contact with such pieces is always stupefying, either for giving names for unsaid feelings or thoughts or for, at times, for even shedding light on unnoticed emotions. In any case, relief (and a deep breath!) is what follows!

When talking to the prince, the fox says

If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy. I shall feel happier and happier as the hour advances. At four o'clock, I shall already be worrying and jumping about. I shall show you how happy I am! But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you... One must observe the proper rites. 

and that was one of those times of revelation: how singular to find my anxiety described in such a vivid manner!