Remember child labour

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On this May day I would like to share my submission to a human rights photo contest; it talks about child labour.

The young banana vendor
31 March 2012, Masvingo, Zimbabwe
Denied the chance to simply be children, they have no opportunity to go to school, they have no time to play.  Child labour has been in rise in Zimbabwe since 2000 and this is often attributed to HIV/AIDS, socio-economic hardships and the breakdown of family support systems. While we promise our children a long list of rights, many of them continue to be denied the most basic ones, and child labour remains to be found on large scale farms, in the peasant sector, tea and coffee estates, mines, in domestic employment and in the streets of the country's urban areas.


muito representativa a foto Ma...
tem andado bastante pela Africa?
to com saudade... o correio ainda não chegou por ai?!

Stunning photo, full of meaning and what a beautiful way to spread such an important message!


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