A note from kuş to aslan

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I like to put a saucer on my mug while the teabag rests inside. After several minutes (I have the - bad? - habit of letting the teabag resting a bit longer than what is recommended on the pack) I open it and the steam was turned into drops. And they promptly jump from the saucer; not always back in the mug, though. I slowly turn the saucer clockwise and the sight of that movement reminds me of you. I could nearly see your big, strong hands turning in such a delicate manner the white saucer that accompanies that lovely white heart-shaped cup you gave me years ago not to let the coffee grounds spill out of it. And then I felt an unbearable need of listening stories about birds and roads and stars and girls written not in good Latin, but in coffee grounds.


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